My Math Story of Addition Part #1

Once upon a time there was two girls. One girl was very smart and she loved school. But the other girl did not like school and was not that smart. (The other girl loved to play games.) One day the not very smart girl fell asleep in addition class. (The smart girls name was Avery and the not very smart girl’s name was Emily.) So when they got home Avery walked over to Emily’s house and said,”Emily do you want to play a game?,”Emily said,”yes!,” So they played the game till dinner time. (The game was addition.) So then on every day Avery and Emily played the game. (The more they played the more Emily started to like addition.) At the end they played school and Avery gave Emily a addition test!

But do you know what. Emily got them all wrong. (She secretly pretended to love it). (But remember Avery does not know this.) Avery said,” Emily what happend to you! You said you know all the questions!,”  But Emily made up a lie to get out of the situation. She said,”Well today I was not feeling very well.,” So Avery said to Emily,¨ Then go home and I hope you will feel better tomorrow. Then the next day they went to school there was a math test. But Emily got them all wrong! Emily’s Mother and Father were so mad!

They said that Emily was not allowed to play and watch T.V for a month. So they got Emily a math tutor. But this time she really concentrated because she loved to play and she liked to watch T.V. When the month was over Avery and Emily played school and Avery gave Emily a math test. Gess what Emily got them all right! So when Avery and Emily went back to school and got a math test… Emily got them all right! But Avery got them all wrong!!!!!!  Dun dun dun …


The Butterfly Life Cycle

We know a lot about the butterfly life cycle so maybe you could get a caterpillar and see the life cycle!

1. First it starts as an egg.

2. Then a teeny tiny caterpillar hatches from the egg.

3. Then it eats and eats and eats and gets bigger and bigger.

4. After that  it climbs up the tree on to a leave and forms in to the letter J.

5. Then the next day it forms into a chrysalis.

6. Then in a few weeks out comes a butterfly!


Now if you get a pet caterpillar  or find a caterpillar you can find a good habitat and watch the butterfly life cycle to see if we were right!

My Math story of Addition Part #2

Do you know how Avery and Emily switched places?  Well you know that Avery tot Emily math, right. But since they played for a long time Avery got used to Emily so much that when Avery tot Emily to like math Emily also tot Avery to not like math! From the beginning at school they had a math test, remember. This is ware it takes place again.

When Avery’s  Mother and Father heard that she did not do the test right they got so mad!  So they got Avery a math tutor. She loved her best friend Emily so she desided to be like Emily and watch TV all day and get all math wrong and most of all hate school.

But when Avery’s math tooter tried to teach her more math, Avery did not listen because she still wanted to be like her friend Emily. But still every day after school they played school. Avery still had the paper of math questions already answered. So Avery was still the teacher.

At school again when they had another math test and Avery got her’s  all wrong and Emily got her’s all right and they showed each other there answers Avery saw that she was not like Emily and she was the opposite. So when Avery’s parents heard about the math test they took Avery away from school. Avery got sad, because she could not see Emily. So when Avery’s math tutor came she concentrated.

So Avery’s parents brought her back to school for the test. Guess what Avery got them all right! So did Emily. So every day they still played school they still went to school and they were smart friends for now on. They also helped each other with problems and math questions if they were not smart any more or if they just forgot the answer to a math question.